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Lissa Oink .com

YummiENT. Is a entertainment company that promotes the Fleshly side of man in a fun descent manor.   

A beauty amongst her fans         Ja Sunshine will keep u begging for more in Gurls of YuMMi.

Ja “Sunshine 											Actress/ Dancer Specialising in Audio &Video studio quality Welcome

These is everyday life. Sometimes the smallest step to the left, right, back or forward can take such a drastic effect on yo life. On we show that we not perfect, but life is here and we have to live it to the fullest.

To every good side there is a bad side. The key to living life is balance. The material on this site is not adult porn, but good clean fun. There are some links for porn, but this ain”t one

In life we make choices. Whether right or wrong. The reaction is just cause of the action. Choose this day whom  u serve.


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personal touch Profession with a Our professional writers, actors, models, musical Artist, dancers, et… are here to give you the best  Above the rest in entertainment.

YummiENT. Is no doubt the top leading in drama shows! No one do drama like Yummi do drama.

Our script writers are in the lab 23 hours a day to bring you that gut drenching, jaw busting, spine tingling chaos on video as it is known in the world today!

Mature. Audiences